Casualties: one dead, three critical after ammonia inhalation

Source: Wikimedia Commons.

A Turkish seafarer has died aboard the LNG-carrier, Hamburg DW, off Port KLang, Malaysia, after inhaling ammonia. Three other crewmembers are described as being in a critical condition.

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) has reported that a Turkish seafarer has died after inhaling ammonia gas aboard the LNG-carrier, Hamburg DW. Another three crewmembers are in a critical condition.

The incident happened aboard the 35,058-cbm vessel in international waters off Port Klang yesterday. The deceased was a 62-year-old Turkish national. Two other Turkish nationals and an Indian national aged between 28 and 50 were affected by the fumes.

The Bernama News Agency said the MMEA was alerted to the incident by the ship’s agent late on Tuesday night. The three critical crew members were transferred to Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital.

Hamburg DW‘s manager, TGM Deniz, has not yet made a statement.

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  1. Hamburg DW is a LPG carrier and is several times smaller than LNG carrier on this (misleading) picture.


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