Korean Shipbuilder KSOE Partners with Doosan

Image: Wikipedia.

Korean companies to work together on the research and development of a solid oxide fuel cell for maritime and offshore applications.

Ship builder KSOE and the Doosan Fuel Cell company have announced that they will collaborate on a new solid oxide fuel cell project for maritime and offshore applications. KSOE says its goal is to develop fuel cells to enhance its competitive advantage in the future of shipbuilding.

Doosan, which licenses proprietary SOFC stack technology from the UK’s Ceres Power, will lead the design and manufacture of the system for ships. They will also be evaluating stability and developing system control technology. 

Managing director of Doosan Fuel Cell, said: “The fuel cell for ships can replace not only the existing power generation engine but also the main propulsion engine, and through an Energy Management System, energy efficiency can be improved.” 

In a separate but related announcement, Ceres Power reported that it raised $252 million in a share placement and subscription to accelerate its investment in the development and potential commercialization of its solid-oxide electrolysis technology. 

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