Taiwan Courts Western Navies with Ship Building Know-How

Photo: Arron Choi, Unsplash.

President Tsai Ing-Wen lauds island nation’s increased manufacturing capability

With the launch of a new minesweeper and advanced missile-carrying corvettes, Taiwan demonstrates she has the resources to become a significant player in the supply of cutting-edge military vessels to Western powers.

The new Tuo-class corvettes have been described as aircraft-carrier killers because of their complement of high-tech anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles, and they demonstrate a high degree of expertise in Taiwanese yards.

President Tsai said: “We have the determination and capability to complete the task of building our own ships, letting the world see our defence research and development energy… In the future, we may also become a supply source of related equipment and components in Western democracies, driving the upgrading of the defence industry,” she said.

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