HVAC and HVDC Break-Even Points to be Identified in Semco Maritime Study

Photo: Semco Maritime.

As a leader in the global offshore wind transmission industry, Semco Maritime was a natural choice for being awarded with the study

An official press release from Semco Maritime confirms that it has been awarded a study that will critically examine the point at which HVAC and HVDC transmission breaks-even. The study is meant for a sizable wind farm located offshore.

The purpose of this study is better understood when we consider the fact that transmission systems in operation are pivotal to the functioning of offshore wind farms. Using this, they can transmit the wind power that has been generated onto onshore connection points.

The crux of the study will be to look at direct current (HVDC) transmission designs versus alternating current (HVAC) transmission designs, evaluating the break-even point of the two across dual dimensions.

Noteworthily, Semco Maritime has been operating in the offshore wind transmission industry since the beginning of this millennium, working in tandem with partners such as ISC Consulting Engineers and Bladt Industries.

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