World’s largest iceberg heading for South Georgia

Photo: Agnieszka M, Unsplash.

The biggest iceberg in the world may hit South Georgia this month reports HMS Forth.

A vast iceberg the size of the county of Somerset above the water, and larger than the country of Israel beneath the waves, is on course to collide with the island of South Georgia, reports HMS Forth via the Royal Navy’s website.

The size of the berg is staggering, and no photo can be taken to show it in its entirety.

The surrounding waters are already known for bergs and growlers, but the collision, if it happens, will scatter millions of tons of ice into the southern waters and may affect the abundant wildlife in the area.

HMS Forth posts a constant ice-watch as she navigates her South Atlantic patrol area and has been assisted by an RAF A400M in tracking the berg. Reconnaissance flights have revealed a multitude of cracks in the icy leviathan, now named A68a, and many smaller bergs.

The waters around the South Atlantic islands are also patrolled by icebreaker HMS Protector and HMS Pharos, which conducts fishery patrols in the area. In normal years, cruise ships frequent the austral waters too, but perhaps mercifully, they are largely absent this year because of the pandemic.

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