Log jam at Felixstowe could affect Christmas supply-chain

Photo: Barrett Ward, Unsplash

The risk-management company, Russell Group, warns of ‘ripple effect’ that will disrupt supplies to major retailers.

The Ipswich Times reports that the Group claims that “substantial” problems will be faced by such household names as Tesco, Asda and John Lewis.

“The port, which is suffering a logistical logjam due to oversubscription in delivery slots, has created supply chain headaches for British companies in the run-up to Christmas, adding to the current woes caused by the pandemic. Also, there is a possibility of a ‘hard Brexit’ on the horizon too,” said the company.

An estimated £6.7bn worth of goods pass through the Port of Felixstowe alone, and with supply chains so convoluted and interdependent, and with Brexit talks stalling, there is a distinct possibility that the UK will face a difficult Christmas as the culmination to a difficult year.

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