China recovers parts from lost Indonesian sub

Image: Indonesian Navy.

The Chinese Navy research vessel Explorer 2 has recovered components from the KRI Nanggala, the Indonesian submarine that sank off the coast of Bali last month.

Parts from the lost Indonesian submarine KRI Nanggala have been recovered from waters north of Bali by the People’s Liberation Army Navy research vessel, Explorer 2.

A flotilla of three Chinese research and salvage vessels has been conducting salvage operations at the wreck and so far have primarily focussed on visual documentation of the wreck.

Some objects have been recovered, however, including the Nanggala’s hydrophone and an undeployed life raft module.

“Lifting objects under the very deep sea, which is deeper than 800 meters, is a complex problem,” said Cao Peng, the commander of one of the Chinese vessels.

The cause of the accident that sank the sub is not yet known, but Indonesian officials have ruled out an explosion. Given the depth and the condition of the wreck, all 53 members of the sub’s crew are presumed to have perished.

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