Video: “Skybrators” might replace wind turbines, says inventor

Image: Vortex Bladeless.

Spanish green-inventors, Vortex Bladeless, say their new bladeless ‘vibrators’ could generate clean energy without the need for large wind farms.

A Spanish company, Vortex Bladeless, has designed a revolutionary new wind power-generation system that oscillates instead of revolves, reports the Guardian. The prototype bladeless generators stand 3 metres high and waggle back and forth in the wind. Internet pundits have already christened them “skybrators” because of their resemblance to adult toys.

“We are not against traditional wind farms,” says David Yáñez, the inventor of Vortex Bladeless. His six-person start-up is based in Madrid and the design recently won the approval of Norway’s state energy company, Equinor.

“Our technology has different characteristics which can help to fill the gaps where traditional wind farms might not be appropriate,” says Yáñez. The turbine is not dangerous to birds or wildlife and operates at a noise frequency that is virtually undetectable to humans.

A scaled-down version of the turbine, standing at less than 1 metre, will be installed at the O2 Arena in London where it will help to generate clean electricity for the 9 million people who visit the entertainment venue in a usual year.

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