Celsius Shipping turns a handsome profit on containership

Image: Martin Damboldt.

Danish shipowner scores a win by selling Chinese-built vessel for more than twice the original asking price.

Danish company, Celsius Shipping, has made a significant profit on one of its vessels by selling the 3,534-teu GH Scirocco (built in 2009) to an undisclosed buyer for $14.5m.

Celsius originally paid just $6.2m for the Shanghai Shipyard-built vessel when it bought it from Germany’s Hansa Treuhand in March 2017. Chairman, Jeppe Jensen, has confirmed the sale and said the vessel is expected to be delivered to the new owner in June.

Celsius has eight containerships in its fleet, all built between 2008 and 2014. The Copenhagen-based company is often involved in asset-play deals and US ship brokers have claimed that Celsius has also sold the 63,00-dwt bulker GH Seabird (built 2016), but Jensen did not respond to requests for comment on the deal.

Celsius was founded in 2012 and has a fleet of more than 50 ships, including bulkers, tankers, and containerships.

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