Sweden’s Liquid Wind raises €4M to produce eFuel

Image: Liquid Wind.

Liquid Wind has raised €4M after closing its Series A funding round, paving the way to develop its first eMethanol facility.

Investors in Liquid Wind, the Swedish eMethanol facility developer, have raised €4M for the development of the company’s first eMethanol production facility to be located in Örnsköldsvik, in north-east Sweden.

“There is a growing desire from established businesses to drive sustainable change and enable the shift from fossil resources,” said Claes Fredriksson, CEO and Founder of Liquid Wind.

The companies involved in the project include Alfa Laval, Carbon Clean, Falkor, Haldor Topsoe, Siemens Energy and Uniper.

“We are proud to work with these world-class companies and leverage their expertise and financial muscles to enable the sustainable energy transition and make a significant dent in carbon emissions,” Fredrickson added.

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