China Navigation set to build sail-assisted vessel to support GHG-levy

Image: CNCo.

150-year-old China Navigation Company returns to sail to support proposal to the IMO by the Marshall and Solomon Islands to establish universal, mandatory greenhouse gas (GHG) levy.

The venerable China Navigation Company (CNCo), a Swire subsidiary, is set to sign a deal to build a revolutionary sail-assisted newbuild to ply inter-island trade routes in the Pacific as part of Project Cerulean.

The move comes as part of package of green measures designed to support a proposal to the IMO by the Marshall Islands and Solomon Islands to establish a GHG levy on shipping.

“With many communities at risk of disappearing we must take action to drive change. We are committed to reducing our GHG footprint, ultimately to net zero by, and preferably well before, 2050,” said James Woodrow, Managing Director.

The carbon levy will be discussed at the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee gathering later this month.

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