Pioneering study measures methane emissions from LNG carrier

Image: GasLog.

A ground-breaking new study has measured methane emissions from a Cheniere-chartered GasLog vessel on a round trip from the US to Europe.

A research team from Queen Mary University of London, The Collaboratory to Advance Methane Science (CAMS) and Spain’s Enagas have collected data on the methane emissions from the 174,000-cbm newbuilding, GasLog Galveston.

The vessel was on a round trip from Cheniere’s Corpus Christi terminal in Texas to Zeebrugge in Belgium. The data, gathered during the voyage in March and April, was collected from engine exhaust emissions and fugitive emissions.

CAMS said: “Results from the study will provide critical data-driven insights into the greenhouse gas profile of LNG carriers to identify opportunities for environmental performance improvement.”

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