Warning Distressing Image – Children’s bodies washed up on beach

Image: SOS Mediterranean.

Charities post heart-rending images of babies and toddlers washed up on Libyan beach after yet another migrant tragedy.

Photographs of the bodies of babies and toddlers washed up on a Libyan beach have been posted on Twitter by migrant charities, reports the Guardian.

According to charity Proactiva Open Arms, the children had been travelling with their parents on one of the many rubber boats that have set off from Libya in recent days.

“I’m still in shock for the horror of these images,” Oscar Camps, the founder of Proactiva Open Arms, wrote on Twitter. “These small children and women had dreams and life ambitions.”

The bodies were found on a beach in Zuwara on Saturday and were buried by the Libyan military in the cemetery in nearby Abu Qamash.

Spokesman for the UN migration agency in Italy, Flavio Di Giacomo said: “We’re trying to get to the bottom of this with our colleagues in Libya. There are many shipwrecks that are never recorded. We can’t exclude that it may be one of those.”

According to the UN more than 600 migrants have lost their lives trying to cross the Mediterranean so far this year.

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