MOL to launch hydrogen fuel port cargo-handling machinery at Kobe

Image: MOL.

MOL and Mitsui E&S Machinery are to begin a joint study to introduce hydrogen-fuelled port cargo-handing apparatus at the Kobe International Container Terminal (KICT).

As part of an agreement between MOL and Mitsui, Shosen Koun has signed a contract for a new near-zero emission (NZE) rubber-tired gantry (RTG) container yard-crane, at Japan’s MOL-operated KICT.

The NZE RTG will decrease fuel consumption by 20-30% and will help reduce CO2 and particulate levels in comparison to conventionally fuelled cranes.

Shosen Koun has decided to introduce a hydrogen-fuelled NZE RTG because it sees hydrogen cells as the power source of the future that will help it achieve its goal to become net-zero as rapidly as possible.

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