CMA CGM wants to rebuild the Port of Beirut

Source: Wikimedia Commons.

The French shipping giant wants to work to improve the status of the shipping gateway to the Middle East.

By Michael McGrady, Maritime Direct Americas & Pacific Correspondent

BEIRUT — CMA CGM, the French shipping giant, has reportedly put forth a plan for restoring the Port of Beirut, reports The Maritime Executive.

The Port of Beirut was flattened by an explosion on the city’s waterfront. Much of the explosion destroyed the port’s port and large swath, which killed more than 200 people and injured thousands of more residents.

CMA CGM, controlled by a French-Lebanese billionaire, outlined its reconstructing plan to the port authority.

Combined with the scheduled port expansion, the company and the port authority estimates that the total costs would include $400 million to $600 million.

CMA CGM adds that the company could run its rehabilitation and improvement program and complete it within three years.

“Our project is a realistic one because the situation is urgent. Our offer remains on the table,” said Joe Dakkak, the regional general manager for CMA CGM.

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