Angelicoussis: still in critical condition

Image: Lloyds.

Head of one of the world’s largest private shipping companies showing no sign of improvement after collapsing at his home in Athens three weeks ago.

John Angelicoussis, the influential Greek shipowner, is still in critical condition in an Athens hospital after he collapsed on 20th March, says the Angelicoussis Shipping Group (ASG).

Initial information suggested the shipping magnate suffered a heart attack, but later updates indicate he had a “massive” stroke at home which left his brain starved of oxygen for some time.

A spokesman for ASG told TradeWindsNews that Angelicoussis remains in hospital “where his condition is critical and of great concern to his family and staff around the world. He is receiving the very best of medical attention.

“While understanding the interest in John Angelicoussis’ condition, his family request that his privacy be respected at this worrying time when any speculation is hurtful to those close to him.”

Angelicoussis is widely respected throughout the industry and is one of the most influential figures in the Greek shipping world. More than 130 ASG ships fly the Greek flag, meaning the ASG fleet makes up a third of all Greek-registered tonnage.

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