Ever Given: the investigation starts

Image: SCA.

Egyptian investigators have their started probe into how the ultra large container ship, Ever Given, managed to stray off course and block the Suez Canal.

Reuters reports that the investigation into the blocking of the Suez Canal by the Ever Given has begun. Divers inspected the hull of the vessel as it was anchored in the Great Bitter Lake area and lead investigator, Captain Sayed Sheasha, went aboard the ship on Wednesday afternoon.

Sheasha said the Ever Given’s captain was fully committed to complying with the investigators and the Suez Canal Authority Chairman, Osama Rabie said: “The ship will remain in the lakes area until the investigations are complete.”

The canal’s six-day closure threw global supply chains into chaos, but the SCA said shipping has now returned to normal levels, with a total of 163 ships transiting the waterway since it was re-opened. The authority estimates that the backlog of ships — there are currently 292 waiting to transit — will be cleared by the end of this week.

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