“Life-threatening danger” — Mystery of the shrinking ship

Image: ITF.

ITF inspectors urge Fijian authorities to investigate Goundar’s MV Lomaiviti Princess III amid allegations vital safety documentation has been falsified.

The International Transport Workers Federation has called on Fijian authorities to investigate the MV Lomaiviti Princess III after it received information that the vessel may have been misregistered at 14m shorter and 2,431 lower gross tonnage than the ship’s previous registration in Canada, under the name MV Queen of Chilliwack.

The discrepancy likely means the ferry has not received critical maintenance work for a vessel of that size, nor has it been staffed with crew of the required skill and experience according to Fijian regulations and international rules.

The ITS’s Sarah Maguire said:

“Should this information be accurate, and we suspect it is, then this raises red flags for the ITF… We believe this vessel and others in Goundar’s fleet are not operating safely, have not received dry dock, and are being operated by crew who are under-qualified.”

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