BREAKING: Suez-canal to reopen Monday

Source: Suez Canal Authority.

According to Suez Canal Authorities the Ever Given is now free and floating and the canal is to open sometime during Monday.

In a statement from SCA the grounded containership Ever Given which has been blocking the Suez Canal since March 23 was finally re-floated at 04.30 am local time. It is currently being secured and inspected before it is moved.

Osama Rabie, chairman of the authority, said the vessel was successfully floated following ”tension and towing maneuvers, where the ship’s course was significantly modified by 80% and the stern of the ship moved away from the shore by a distance of 102 meters instead of 4 meters.”

The maneuvers are scheduled to resume as the water level rises to its maximum height later today. It is still unclear exactly when the canal will reopen.

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