Canadian Coast Guard adopts Thordon propeller shaft bearings

Source: Thordon.

The Canadian Coast Guard inked a contract with Thordon to attach their propeller shaft bearings to an icebreaker in a taxpayer savings scheme.

By Michael McGrady, Maritime Direct America & Pacific Correspondent

OTTAWA — The Terry Fox, one of the largest icebreakers in the Canadian Coast Guard, returned to service with Thordon propeller shaft bearings after concluding a fitting of laminate bearings, which would extend drydock times and costs at the expense of taxpayers.

“During the drydocking, CCG was told that the yard needed to line bore the stern tube, which would take an indeterminate number of days and an extra CAD$100,000 to $200,000. A huge expense for the owner,” said Scott Groves, vice president of sales, Thordon Bearings, said in a press statement via email.

“Thankfully, the ship had a spare set of Thordon propeller shaft bearings in stock and decided to fit that instead without the additional costs.”

Terry Fox is one of 36 icebreaking vessels around the globe with Thordon tail shaft bearings. 14 of those vessels, notes a press release, are Canadian Coast Guard vessels built in Yarrows at Vancouver.

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