UK launches green shipbuilding competition

Image: PD Ports.

Government invests £20m to help kick start development of zero-emission vessels and clean port infrastructure.

The UK government has announced its new green shipbuilding initiative and is offering a £20 million fund to stimulate green technology and design in the maritime sector.

The project is part of the Westminster government’s plan to “build back better” and will drive economic growth in coastal areas, green travel and the shipbuilding industry.

The government said it is encouraging scientists and academics to collaborate with UK shipping, ports and shipbuilders with the aim of positioning the country as a “leader in the field” of green shipping and infrastructure.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said:

“We have a proud shipbuilding history and, together with industry, I am determined to build on that as we look to develop the innovations of the future and meet our net-zero target.

We are revolutionising maritime technology and, from electric boats to hydrogen ports, we will change the way this country sails forever, and bring jobs and prosperity to the UK.”

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