“Mediterranean ferry” to serve on the expanding Rosslare-Dunkirk route

Image: DFDS.

Ro-pax ferry, Pelagos, to enter service for DFDS between the Irish Republic and France.

DFDS has chartered yet another ferry on the expanding Rosslare-Dunkirk route. The ro-pax, Pelagos, will become the fifth ferry the Danish company has introduced to meet the growing demand for direct sailings between Ireland and the rest of the EU.

The Pelagos will replace the Drotten that entered service in January. Pelagos was built by Visentini and is a 114-freight trailer-unit vessel. Drotten will move to the Baltic where she will enter service with Destination Gotland, running between the Swedish mainland and Visby.

DFDS’ rapid re-shuffling of vessels is the company’s response to post-Brexit conditions and a fast-changing ferry sector. Hauliers have come to prefer the direct route between the Republic and the EU because it bypasses new and complicated UK customs and border checks.

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  1. All good and fine with the freight that there are now at least 4 ships from DFDS plying the route Rosslare – Dunkerque. However, what is sorely needed is a ferry service for passengers as the destination Cherbourg for all passengers intending to travel to Germany, Poland, and countries beyond simply does not ‘cut the mustard ‘.
    I needed to travel to Luxembourg and a close-on 800km haul overland from Cherbourg is just torture. The expense involved with high French fuel costs, an overnight stay, as much as motorway tolls I would prefer to spend on an extended ferry service into the eastern Channel.
    Not only is freight affected by Brexit; I too would be fed up with British customs snooping around my car boot for ‘goods over the limit’. So come on DFDS when can I travel with my motorhome to Ireland directly from Dunkerque?

    B. rgds.


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