Video: Narco-submarine seized by Spanish police

Image: Interpol.

A homemade submarine capable of smuggling over two tonnes of drugs has been seized by police in Málaga.

A nine-meter submersible capable of smuggling two tonnes of narcotics has been seized by Spanish police in the seaside town of Málaga, reports Dryad Global.

The pale blue vessel was discovered in an industrial warehouse as part of a wider crime operation involving five other nations’ police forces and the EU crime agency, Interpol.

Police say 52 people were detained in raids across Spain and a large haul of cocaine and hashish was seized. An elaborate drugs laboratory was also dismantled.

Authorities believe the glass-fibre and plywood vessel was being readied to transport illicit substances but had not yet been launched.

In 2019 a sub was seized in north western Spain that was found to be carrying 2,000kg of cocaine from Colombia. It is not known whether the vessel sailed all the way across the Atlantic or was launched from a mother vessel.

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