Russia stridently denies reports of explosion at Pacific Fleet base

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Defence officials tell state-run media, TASS, that reports of explosion during the transfer of munitions have “nothing to do with reality”.

Reports that there has been an explosion at Russia’s Pacific Fleet naval base at the port of Fokino have been stridently denied by Russian defence officials, reports TASS, Russia’s state-run media company.

The Russian defence Ministry told TASS: “The information published in some media outlets that torpedoes allegedly exploded when they were unloaded from a large anti-submarine warfare ship in the Primorye Region has nothing to do with reality.”

REN TV, a broadcast network run by Russia’s National Media Group reported that a major explosion occurred at the base near the closed city of Fokino on 10th March. The report stated that the blast happened while a crane was unloading mines and torpedoes from a “large anti-submarine ship”.

The crane boom fell and damaged the vessel’s hull, leading to water ingress and loss of stability. Initial reports suggest that seven were injured in the accident.

Fokino lies southeast of Vladivostok and is home to Russia’s Pacific Fleet.

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