Maersk sought to be Sued in Brazil for $200 Million

Photo: Maersk

Allegations are rife about bribes paid to Brazilian Petrobras employees in lieu of confidential information.

A corruption scandal has erupted against Danish shipping giant Maersk over allegations of bribery, as reported by Reuters.

Brazilian prosecutors affirm having sufficient evidence against Maersk and some of its former executives. The lawsuit seeks a freeze of nearly 1 billion Brazilian reais or almost US$ 200 million.

The allegation is that significant bribes were paid to Petrobras employees in exchange for privileged information that paved the way for lucrative shipping contracts for Maersk between the period of 2006 and 2014.

The lawsuit concurrently mentions previous Petrobras employees as well.

Off-late, Brazil has seen a spurt in corruption investigations involving Petrobras and other entities. The month of August witnessed a similar allegation of bribery against oil trader Trafigura, also involving previous Petrobras employees, which was reportedly done to secure fuel shipments.

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