Bulker attacked twice off West Africa

Foto: Combined Maritime Forces

Risk level in Gulf of Guinea remains critical after ultramax targeted by pirates twice in one day.

Crew and owners are on high alert in the Gulf of Guinea after the 63,500-dwt ultramax CP Tianjin was approached by six gunmen in a skiff on 6th June, 220 nm off Lagos, Nigeria.

The vessel was being escorted by a private security escort vessel (SEV) at the time and the initial approach was aborted. However, when the SEV left the Marshall Islands-flagged vessel, the pirates approached again.

The ship’s freeboard of 11.2m likely made it difficult for the gunmen to board. Security company Diaplous Maritime Services told TradeWinds that the risk of attack in the Gulf of Guinea remains at a critical level.

“Incidents are highly likely expected daily and, as such, vessels operating within the region should continue to exercise maximum vigilance and mitigation where possible,” it added.

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