Ports of Stockholm launch country’s first container shuttle service

mage: Reederie Deymann.

Sweden’s first inland container barge shuttle-service has started from Stockholm Norvik Port.

In a first for Sweden, German shipping company Reederie Deymann will provide the country’s first inland container barge shuttle service between Stockholm Norvik Port and the Port of Västerås.

The service will be run in conjunction with Barge Transport Sweden AB and will carry the equivalent load of 200 road haulage vehicles, helping to alleviate road congestion and decrease carbon dioxide emissions.

“All kinds of consumer goods, such as jeans, sneakers, smart phones, TV screens and furniture will be shipped by this barge cargo shuttle service, as well as industrial materials.

“Swedish export goods, such as sawn timber, cartons of beverages, machinery, pulp and cardboard will be shipped in the opposite direction,” commented Lars Rexius, head of logistics and marketing at Barge Transport Sweden AB.

The route will be plied by the inland waterway container barge, Emelie Deymann. The vessel is shoal draft, 110 m in length and has a container capacity of 208 teu.

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