Accident report on grounding of the Kaami released

Image: Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

MAIB says cargoship grounded minutes after warning from trawler.

The accident report detailing the grounding of the Norwegian cargoship Kaami on 23rd March 2020, has been released by the Marine Accident and Investigation Bureau.

The 4,293-dwt Misje Rederi-operated vessel hit the Sgeir Graidach shoal in the Little Minch after being warned by the trawler Ocean Harvest that she was standing into danger.

The Kaami’s chief officer responded promptly to the warning and thanked the Ocean Harvest for the warning, the MAIB said.

The vessel altered course, but at 01:41 two heavy impacts were felt and the Kaami ran aground.

The MAIB noted: “Although manned in accordance with the flag state requirements, the onboard operation did not allow adequate opportunity for the chief officer to plan the voyage and for his plan to be checked and verified by a second member of the bridge team as required by the vessel’s safety management system,” the MAIB noted.

The MAIB said the master relied on previous experience of navigating the Little Minch and did not use an IMO-recommended route.

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