Master dies after refusing to leave sinking vessel in Red Sea

Image: CC.

The Egyptian master of the 5,200-hp Inspecta7 has died after refusing to leave his sinking offshore support vessel until all his crew were evacuated. The body of an engineer was also found.

Egyptian media said the 1999-built, 5200-ht Inspecta7 was lost on Wednesday morning in the Red Sea off Ras Ghareb.

Her master, Yousry Sultan, refused to leave the offshore support vessel until all his crew had abandoned ship. He drowned while overseeing the evacuation.

The body of engineer Adal Nassar, who was reported missing after the incident, has been found inside the hull of the vessel 18 hours after the sinking. Eleven other crewmembers were rescued.

The survivors confirmed reports that the ship hit a submerged object — possibly the wreck of a submerged vessel — and started to take on water. Egyptian authorities have started an investigation.

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