Tall ship Zebu declared a wreck

Image: TS Zebu.

The sail training vessel Zebu that went aground in Holyhead last week has suffered a further misfortune and been pummelled by a powerful storm.

Despite the best efforts of her crew and salvors to move her off the sea wall in Holyhead after she broke her moorings last week, the TS Zebu, has suffered further heavy damage and been declared a wreck by her skipper.

All heavy items had been removed from the vessel in an effort to re-float her, but then nature dealt the 1938-built brigantine the coup de grace as a powerful storm rolled in from the Atlantic, pummelling her against the rocks.

Zebu’s website made the following statement: “It is with a heavy heart & great sadness that I must announce that Tall Ship Zebu suffered further heavy damage today. Further to our last official statement dated 19th May, where the situation was looking so much more positive, yesterday we faced yet another hurdle in our battle to save TS Zebu, namely a storm.”

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