Eneti to get Jones Act-compliant wind turbine installation vessel

Image: Eneti.

Eneti Inc. has revealed that it has entered a binding agreement to construct a WTIV, as well as having “advanced discussions” with US shipbuilders for the construction of a similar Jones Act-compliant vessel.

A binding agreement has been signed between Eneti Inc. and South Korean Daewoo Shipbuilding for a $330 wind turbine installation vessel for delivery in Q3 2024. Included is an option for an additional vessel at the same price.

The vessel will be a NG-16000X design by GustoMSC with a 2,600 Ton Leg Encircling Crane from Huisman Equipment and capability to install up to 20MW turbines at depths of up to 65 meters of water.

Eneti said it is also in discussions with American shipbuilders for the construction of a Jones Act-compliant WTIV. The statement comes swiftly after Joe Biden announced the US’ intention to install 30MW of offshore wind power capacity by 2030.

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