Trottenberg is now a deputy at Transportation Department

Polly Trottenberg (Source: Herself).

Polly Trottenberg is now the deputy secretary at the US Transportation Department, per Senate approval.

By Michael McGrady, Maritime Direct Americas & Pacific Correspondent

WASHINGTON — The United States Senate on April 13 announced that Polly Trottenberg is now to serve as the deputy secretary of Transportation under President Joe Biden’s administration.

After an 82 to 15 vote in favor of Trottenberg in the US Senate, she will develop the administration’s $2.25 trillion infrastructure plan.

Pillars of the transportation plan include measures to address climate change, modernizing ports and bridges, and upgrading rail and transit systems.

Before the vote, Trottenberg told the senators she would focus on enhancing the country’s mobility grid and expanding access to freight and passenger corridors.

“If confirmed, I will commit to making sure that eligible projects in rural areas receive their fair consideration for competitive discretionary grants,” she added in a statement to the Senate.

“Congratulations to [Polly Trottenberg] on your confirmation to be Deputy Secretary,” tweeted Pete Buttigieg, the secretary of Transportation. “I’m looking forward to working together on the unprecedented opportunities before our department.”

“Thank you to my former boss [Sen. Chuck Schumer] and the US Senate for this honor! Look forward to working together to create jobs and build safe, sustainable, equitable, and resilient infrastructure,” tweeted Trottenberg.

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