Video: Always wear your kill-cord — USCG stops runaway dinghy

Image: USCG.

It might not have been the biggest salvage operation in recent times, but a video posted by the USCG is a salutary lesson to all who “mess around in boats”…

The US Coastguard has posted a video of a runaway dinghy that was captured after the vessel’s owner fell overboard.

Coast Guard Station Miami Beach and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue crews arrived on the scene of the accident to find the vessel still running. The quick-thinking crews disabled the dinghy by tangling its propeller with a rope.

The owner was rescued from the water by another water user and sustained no major injuries.

“As of April 1, vessels 26-feet and under are required to have an engine cut-off switch, and operators are required to wear the lanyard to stop accidents such as this one,” said Petty Officer First Class Andrew Sanchez, command duty officer, Sector Miami. “The operator is fortunate the situation was not worse.”

The runaway vessel was towed to anchor at Norris Cut. Footage of the ingenious rescue can be seen here:

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