In hot water — Ever Given held in Suez Canal

Image: Wikipedia.

The ill-fated ULCS, the Ever Given, is being held in the Suez Canal as discussions continue over a claim for compensation made to the vessel’s owner, Shoei Kisen, by the Suez Canal Authority.

The 399.94 meter-long, 220,940 GT ultra large container ship, Ever Given, has not been granted permission to clear the Suez Canal, says the vessel’s owner, Shoei Kisen.

In statement today, spokesman Yumi Shinohara, confirmed the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) had made a compensation claim following the grounding of the vessel on 23rd March that blocked the canal for six days, but gave no further details.

SCA Chairman Osama Rabie said on Egyptian television last week that the Ever Given would not leave the canal zone until the investigation into the grounding was completed and compensation paid.

He said the canal had suffered “great moral damage” as well as operational losses and costs incurred while re-floating the huge vessel. He did add, however, that he hoped matters between the ship’s owners and the SCA would be settled amicably.

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