Video: vessel transporter in trouble in North Sea

Image: Hovedredningssentralen.

Norwegian SAR services have responded to a vessel transport ship in trouble off the coast of Norway after its cargo shifted.

The cargo ship, MV Eemslift Hendrika, belonging to Star Class Yacht Transport is being attended by Norwegian search and rescue services after its cargo shifted, causing the vessel to list 30° to starboard.

Norway’s Joint Rescue Coordination Centre reports that it received a distress call from the vessel which was located 60 nm W of Ålesund, Norway with 12 crew members aboard.

Three helicopters and three vessels were dispatched to the ship to assist and SAR crews initially evacuated 8 crew members, leaving 4 aboard. An update later today said all crew members have now been evacuated and the ship abandoned. One person is reported injured and was taken to hospital.

The ship’s owners and the Norwegian Coastal Administration are said to be working on a salvage plan for the vessel. The MV Eemslift Hendrika was built in 2015 and is managed by Amasus Shipping B.V. She is registered in the Netherlands.

Star Class Yacht Transport runs a three-times weekly vessel transport service between Norway and Turkey.

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