Florida threatens to sue CDC for cruise industry block

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Florida sued the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for not permitting cruise industry operations.

By Michael McGrady, Maritime Direct Americas & Pacific Correspondent

TALLAHASSEE — Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, announced that his administration intends to sue the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and President Joe Biden’s administration for blocking the reopening of the cruise industry.

The Associated Press reported that DeSantis, with Attorney General Ashley Moody and other executives from the cruise industry, appeared in a press conference threatening such action.

“They did the No-Sail Order in March of 2020…and it’s never been really to the point where they’re making an effort to really get it back,” DeSantis said. This has a kind of ripple effect throughout all businesses. When they’re sailing, there is more economic opportunity for people across a wide range of businesses. It affects a lot of jobs. What we need is a way forward.”

Moody, also a Republican, said that if the state moves to file a lawsuit, it will challenge the ban on what they allege is an out-of-date policy and is no longer valid given the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When you have a government that is working against the interests and vitality of its citizens it serves, that is a problem. And historically, you can see how that leads to the demise and destruction of those they are trying to govern,” Moody said.

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  1. Cheers once again for Governor DeSantis. He is one of the few actually using some common sense on this issue. I hope any judges involved will also have some, it’s in super short supply over the last year.


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