Liners divert around the Cape of Good Hope

Foto: Maersk

Disruption to global shipping continues as liner operators start to divert their vessels around the Cape of Good Hope to avoid the blocked Suez Canal.

Container lines have begun diverting their vessels around the Cape of Good Hope as they prepare to deal with the prospect of a drawn out blockage of the Suez Canal by the ULCS Ever Given.

HMM and Evergreen have already chosen to re-route around the Cape and many European operators are expected to follow suit. Three liner operators have confirmed that they have 16 vessels held up in the Suez Canal and Danish operator, Maersk said nine of its boxships were affected by the disruption.

The 11,000-TEU Gunde Maersk, the 8,400-TEU Maersk Saigon and the 13,213-TEU Maersk Esmeraldas are stuck inside convoys, while another eight vessels are moving back to anchorages.

In statement, Maersk said: “While ETAs are jeopardised as salvage efforts continue, the impact on the global supply chain as a result of the vessel blockage in the Suez Canal depends on how long the route remains impassable.

“We are closely following the refloating operations and will do our upmost to mitigate the delay as best as we can.”

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