Video: Sanaa and Port of Salif hit by Saudi-led airstrikes

Image: Wikipedia.

Reports indicate that a Houthi missile and drone assembly plant have been hit by a Saudi-led coalition airstrike.

Dryad Global reports that there has been a Saudi-led airstrike at Sanaa and the Port of Salif in Yemen. The strike is reported to have hit a Houthi drone and missile assembly plant in Sanaa, and a warehouse and living quarters in the Port of Salif.

The Saudis have launched dozens of airstrikes against Houthi forces in the region and the whole of the Gulf of Aden remains perilous for shipping transiting the area.

The United Nations said air strikes also hit the Houthi-controlled Salif grains port, north of Hodeidah, and two projectiles hit a warehouse and the living quarters of a food production company.

“Local authorities and company management stated that six injured workers were transferred to local medical facilities for treatment,” the UN mission in Hodeidah, UNMHA, said in a statement on Monday.The port of Salif is part of a UN-brokered neutral zone on the Red Sea, according to the Stockholm agreement signed in 2018 between Yemen’s warring parties.

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