Clean Arctic Alliance press orgs to halve HFO in the Arctic

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A coalition of NGO organizations has asked several shipping bodies to cut black carbon to cleaner fuels.

By Michael McGrady, Maritime Direct Americas & Pacific Correspondent

LONDON — The Clean Arctic Alliance and a coalition of 21 non-profit organizations and human rights groups chose to take the bold step to immediately ban the use of heavy fuel oil (HFO) in Arctic shipping.

“This week the IMO has the opportunity put in place rapid and effective regulations to protect the Arctic and the global climate from the warming impacts of black carbon emissions, by obliging vessels operating in the Arctic to switch to cleaner shipping fuels,” said Dr. Sian Prior, the lead advisor to the Clean Arctic Alliance. “Mandating a switch of fuels in order to cut black carbon emissions in the Arctic would be an easily-won victory for both the IMO and the shipping industry and put the sector on course towards decarbonization.”

The Maritime Executive reports that the International Maritime Organization proposed a ban due to be approved in June by the mid-2024, which “contains series loopholes which will mean minimal reductions in the use and the carriage of HFO when implemented.”

The IMO again approved in November of 2020 a ban on the use and the carriage of HFO in the Arctic. Deferring action for three years means they will likely lead to an increase in HFO use and carriage. Mid-2029 is expected to be when the exemptions are to be closed.

One of the central positions of the Clean Arctic Alliance and the non-profit coalition is to impact rapid climate change recovery.

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