Stad ship-tunnel gets green light

Image: Norwegian Coastal Administration.

Norway to build world’s first ship tunnel through the Stad peninsula.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration has received a letter from the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications, giving it the go-ahead to start preparations for the construction of what will likely be the world’s first ship tunnel.

The 25.5 meter-wide Stad Ship Tunnel will cut through the Stad Peninsula, bypassing one of the most treacherous sections of the Norwegian coast.

“Based on the allocation letter, we will now start the processes of acquisitioning properties in the area where the ship tunnel will be located, as well as put in place a project organization, prepare a tender basis and initiate a tender,” said Terje Andreassen, a temporary project manager for the Stad Ship Tunnel at the Norwegian Coastal Administration.

The project is expected to coast upwards of NOK 2.8 billion and will take three to four years to complete.

The tunnel will be blasted through the narrowest point (1.7km) of the peninsula and although it won’t shorten the route along the coast, it will allow vessels to bypass the Stadhavet Sea where the North and Norwegian Seas meet. The Stadhavet is the most exposed and dangerous area along the entire Norwegian coast.

The idea for the tunnel has been mooted for decades and Norway official launched the campaign for the project in 2017.

Andreassen said: “If everything goes according to plan, the world’s first full-scale ship tunnel will be completed in 2025/2026.”

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