The Senior Service goes back to its roots

Exercise Tenacious Wave Royal Navy sailors are setting sail on a traditional tall ship as part of Exercise TENACIOUS WAVE. Working in partnership with the Jubilee Sailing Trust, junior sailors are put to sea on Sailing Vessel Tenacious to continue their naval training. This opportunity provides early exposure to maritime life, teaching about routines on board a ship and developing skills through a series of leadership exercises.

RN announces that it has revived tall-ship training for the first time in decades.

Britain’s Royal Navy has announced that it has revived tall-ship training for recruits for the first time in decades and junior sailors are now learning the art of sailing on the TS Tenacious, a 65m barque. The recruits spend four months aboard learning the ropes and gaining leadership skills.

The square-rigger operates out of Portsmouth and is helping to plug the training gap left by the closure of the RN’s command and leadership school in the Brecon Beacons due to the pandemic.

Commander Adrian Coulthard, from the Navy’s training corp said: “In a difficult period for Royal Navy training due to the pandemic, the use of the Jubilee Sailing Trust has allowed us to continue to provide top quality core leadership and team training in a maritime context.”

Tenacious is normally involved in a civilian capacity and hasn’t gone to sea since the pandemic struck and Patrick Fleming, Chief Executive of the Jubilee Sailing Trust, said his organisation was delighted to work with the Navy.

He added: ” This is a pioneering collaboration with the Royal Navy, providing a transformative tall ship training experience to naval trainees with officers and recruits aboard Tenacious, becoming a key part of the ship’s crew.”

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