Rolls Royce wins EPA approval for their tug boat propulsion engines

Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Rolls Royce wins approval from the federal government’s environmental protection agency for their latest MTU propulsion systems.

By Michael McGrady, Maritime Direct Americas & Pacific Correspondent

WASHINGTON — Rolls Royce announced that it won approval from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its Tier 4-certified MTU engines 16V 4000 M65L for sale.

According to a company’s press statement, the MTU propulsion system successfully tested these models for 10,000 operating hours in ferries and tug vessels.

CO2 and pollutant emissions were also reduced based on the fuel consumption of the engines.

“Thanks to the great cooperation with our customers, we were able to collect the necessary data to reach this milestone. All voyages to date with the […] MTU propulsion systems have been satisfactory. Customers can rely on our engines,” said Christof von Bank, the head of Rolls Royce’s marine sales operation, in a statement reported on by Riviera Media.

Foss Maritime has already commissioned three new tugs with Tier 4-compliant field test MTU propulsion systems.

Foss designs vessels to help escort large tankers and containerships calling at US ports along San Pedro Bay and San Francisco Bay. These vessels offer 82-tonne bollard pull.

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