Video: Explosive-laden skiff behind attack on BW Rhine in 2020

Image: Youtube.

Hafnia has confirmed that the attack on one of its vessels in Jeddah last year, was carried out with a remote-controlled boat.

Tanker line, Hafnia, has said that an explosive-laden remote-controlled boat was responsible for last year’s attack on the BW Rhine. The product tanker was targeted by Houthis rebels as she was offloading a cargo of petrol in the Port of Jeddah on 14th December last year.

Saudi officials claimed that the incident was caused by an “explosive-laden boat”, but it has taken several months for the story to be confirmed. Hafnia said the ship was hit “from an external source”, which resulted in damage to her ballast system and a cargo tank on her port side.

In its annual report, Hafnia again praised the swift and decisive action of the vessel’s master who was able to prevent the accommodation bloke from catching fire. The company said: “If it had ignited, there would have been multiple sources of ignition [instead of just an oil fire, there would have been an electrical fire and the likely ignition of combustible material], which would have quickly spun out of control”.

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