New breath of life for older tankers

Image: Hafnia.

Hafnia hopes to upgrade older vessels with series of propeller improvements.

The product tanker specialist, Hafnia, says it hopes to breathe new life into some of its older vessels with a series of state-of-the-art propeller improvements. The BW Group-controlled shipowner plans to retrofit several vessels with upgrades such as Mewis Duct fittings, propeller boss cap fins and larger props.

The first vessel in the company’s fleet to be upgraded was the “under-performing” 73,708-dwt BW Kronberg, which was built in 2007. After going into dry dock for the necessary improvements to her prop and renewal of her bottom coating, the Kronberg was found to be operating close to 98% of her newbuild potential, saving approximately 50 tonnes of fuel per day on laden journeys and 38 tonnes when in ballast.

Hafina said: “As a result of this, the vessel will consume about 782 tonnes less fuel per year — preventing roughly 2,466 tonnes of CO2 and 7,826 kg of SOx emissions. We have made many adjustments to improve their performance, including introducing very high specification anti-fouling paints and vibration compensators during their five-year dry docking.”

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