Crew change at the center of Roundtable of International Shipping Associations

Foto: ISWAN.

A virtual meeting of some of the largest global shipping industry associations featured the crew change crisis and vaccinations at the top of the docket.

By Michael McGrady, Maritime Direct Americas & Pacific Correspondent

LONDON — Leaders of the Roundtable of International Shipping Associations recognized the ongoing crew change crisis and the need to classify seafarers as key workers as high priorities moving forward. This virtual meeting happened earlier this month.

As reported by Seatrade Maritime News, INTERCARGO’s Dimitris J. Fafalios, the individual who chaired the roundtable, said, “It is time for UN Agencies, governments, and global organizations to coordinate a worldwide vaccination program for seafarers in line with the timescales recommended by the World Health Organization.”

“Government leaders must commit to collective action and take to task their counterparts who fail to appreciate that the welfare of seafarers is not only a humanitarian issue but that the world’s seafarers are responsible for keeping global trade moving,” Fafalios said.

The Roundtable of International Shipping Associations includes BIMCO, INTERCARGO, the International Chamber of Shipping, and INTERTANKO. At the virtual meeting, the associations affirmed the industry’s commitment to universal recognition for seafarers and the need to resolve the ongoing global crew change crisis.

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