World Shipping Council appoints new technical directors

Bradshaw and Corbett WSC
Source: World Shipping Council. Used with permission, via the council's social media outlets.

In a recent press statement email to Maritime Direct, the council has appointed “leading profiles” in “environmental and safety regulation” in the shipping sector.

By Michael McGrady, Maritime Direct Americas & Pacific Correspondent

WASHINGTON — The World Shipping Council (WSC) announced that they appointed two new technical directors for their transnational operations to develop sound environmental and safety regulations for the global shipping sector.

“One of WSC’s most important tasks is to work for the decarbonization of the shipping industry and the reduction of shipping’s environmental impact, helping to develop the most effective regulatory path to get us there,” says WSC chief executive and president John Butler. “John Bradshaw and James Corbett are leading experts in this field and an extremely important and welcome addition to our team at a pivotal time for the industry.”

As Butler noted, Bradshaw will work as the WSC technical director for environment and safety beginning in mid-May. He will begin his operational work beginning at the United Kingdom office for the council and shift operations to Singapore. With a focus on augmenting the working of the International Maritime Organization and shipping regulators in the European Union, Bradshaw is now tasked with expanding the council’s capabilities in the Asia and the Pacific regions on both environmental and safety regulatory matters.

“I am very excited to join WSC in Singapore. Professionally, I look forward to giving back to the liner shipping industry, where I started my career as an Engineer Officer at sea, helping to develop the most efficient way to decarbonize the industry,” Bradshaw said.

Butler also named Corbett as the council’s environmental director for Europe. There, he will work with WSC staff located in Europe to implement a “very full environmental agenda” built around the European Union’s so-called Green Deal initiative.

“Working more directly with the policy community and shipping leaders on stewardship goals like decarbonization is exciting and important. The liner shipping industry has committed to innovative decarbonization,” Corbett said in a statement.

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