Forth Ports Welcomes UK Government Funding

Image Courtesy of Forth Ports.

Enlarged Border Infrastructure Slated for Grangemouth and Tilbury.

In a press release today, Forth Ports has welcomed the UK government’s pledge to fund new and enlarged border infrastructure at the company’s key import/export hubs, Grangemouth, Tilbury, and Tilbury2.

Funding from the Port Infrastructure Fund totals nearly £12m and the company reports that contractors are on-site, and new border inspection facilities are about to be approved and will commence operation on 1st July 2021.

“This £11.7m funding allocation for new border facilities will complement our existing work with cargo owners, shippers and the wider freight community, to ensure that our global gateways stay highly productive and congestion-free”, commented Charles Hammond OBE, chief executive of Forth Ports Group.

Grangemouth is Scotland’s largest container port, handling 30% of Scottish exports and has excellent rail connections to the rest of the country, further enhanced by a £3m siding overhaul that will allow it to accommodate the longest freight trains in the UK.

Tilbury and Tilbury2 are the UK’s fastest-growing ports and have streamlined customs and border processes with AEO trusted trader accreditation. The Tilbury-Zeebrugge route has recorded 7% growth in the first six months of Tilbury2’s operation.

Ever-ready in response to the momentous changes unfolding due to Brexit, earlier this week Forth Port’s in-house Brexit transition team unveiled a suite of online tools and dedicated support. The team’s expertise can be accessed online here.

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