Shaken and Stirred ONE Apus Docks at Kobe


Battling the elements, ONE Apus finally makes its way to the port of Kobe.

Unlike Mr. Bond, Japan’s ONE Apus found itself both shaken and stirred in the stormy waters of the Pacific Ocean, as reported by Splash247.

After embattling rather treacherous conditions over an extended period of time, ONE Apus finally made its way back to the Port of Kobe from California.

Along the way though, the scale of destruction has been enormous. As estimated by Ocean Network Express or ONE, as many as 1,816 containers have fallen into the sea. Of these, it is about 64 had hazardous items onboard such as batteries, pyrotechnics, and liquid ethanol.

While the boxes lost at sea are a different saga altogether, the ones remaining on the container ship have a sorry tale to tell, with many of them falling all over the deck.

Clearly, cargo insurance claims in this instance are expected to shoot through the roof, topping $50 million as estimates suggest.

Now that it is at port, a thorough investigation is expected.

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